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» A new King in the castle?
Posted 2009-10-16 07:18:24 by General Pershing

Holy beat down Batman. Do my eyes deceive me or is GZ actually at the top of the 4v4 ladder? After 112 years of TxM being practically unbeatable it looks like there is a new leader atop the board. Congratulations to GZ for their first place postion on the 4v4 UO ladder. Now can they stay there? Attention all clans attack GZ and claim their throne.

A much deserved shout out also goes to Undead Edīs crew for holding number one in the 2v2 and Texas Militia Marshals for number one in the no-tanks.

» CGL Teamspeak server up and running
Posted 2009-08-12 10:56:29 by General Pershing

I have just created a teamspeak server for all members of CGL to use. There is a CGL public channel which is the default and I am creating channels for each clan. I will get with a clan rep and give each clan the ability to password protect and admin their channels. With the public channel this should improve communications for matches dramatically as we can meet there on match night to discuss the match or just plain old bulls**t.

The address is
The password is CGLrocks

The server is running out of my home on a dedicated computer with battery backup so it should be pretty reliable. Check it out and comment in the forums.

» Creating Your Team(s)
Posted 2009-05-30 08:10:24 by General Pershing

When you create a team that team can only be committed to one match at a time. For example if you challenge (or are challenged) on the 4v4 ladder you will not be able to schedule a match for the 2v2. This is designed so that the smaller teams will not be overwhelmed with matches. If you would like to be able to schedule multiple matches at the same time (whether or not they are on the same day) there is a simple answer. All you have to do is create additional teams with a different name. For example AWI could create Rat Patrol 1 - Rat Patrol 2 etc. or we could create Rat Patrol - Bacon Busters (lol) etc. If you have already set your team up on multiple ladders simply remove the team from all but one ladder create another team with a different name and sign that team up on the other ladder. I would suggest you do this anyway so that as the ladder grows even if you donīt want multiple matches on the same day while you have a team committed on one ladder you will be able to go ahead and schedule matches for other ladders. Any questions please donīt hesitate to ask. Thanks.

» Prospective players please read before signing up.
Posted 2009-08-10 20:39:52 by General Pershing

Here are a few items of interest for new players.

1 - Do not add your clan tag to your name when you sign up. It will be automatically appended when you join the team.

2 - When you enter your gaming name please enter it exactly as you want it to appear in the team list. (minus clan tag)

3 - When you sign up you will be assigned a user ID number. Please make note of this number. You may use this number or your user name to log in along with your password.

4 - Do not attempt to sign up with offensive names - they will be deleted. Do not attempt to use offensive words or language in posts etc - they will be deleted.

5 - You have the ability to use your own player logo. An admin can help you with setting it up if needed. No offensive logos - they will be removed.

6 - The team leader has the ability to use a team logo. Once again - an admin can help if needed and no offensive logos.

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